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As a young expat myself, with 7 years of experience, I know what my clients expect and how to make it happen.

Current Clients

In this website you’ll be able to find important forms pertaining to your insurance company like reimbursement forms, hospital credit and continuous meds form.

Have reimbursement questions? See our FAQ section.

Future Clients

When choosing any kind of insurance, it’s very important to consider the following factors:

  • Make sure your policy covers you in every kind of circumstance, from minor to major. That’s what insurance is for, don’t cut yourself short.
  • Think about your current expenses and find a workable budget.
  • Choose a policy that can grow with you, you don’t want to lose benefits, after you’ve already invested time and money.

Health Insurance

There are various kinds of policies available it depends on how high / low deductible you want and if international coverage is a must or national coverage is sufficient.

  • Your policy should cover you in the most extreme cases to the minimal.
  • Make sure you use the once-a-year checkups, don’t let illnesses sneak up on you, prevention can save your life!
  • Have a clear understanding of preexisting conditions how they’re covered in your policy and the how a preexisting condition is defined in Ecuador.
  • Take advantage of the free online, and phone Dr’s which can get you prescriptions and also 24-7 house calls at $10 a visit.
  • Know your network well, that way you can do as much copayments as possible.

Travel Insurance

Many health insurance policies include international coverage but they don’t always cover your flight being canceled or luggage getting lost.

  • Travel insurance plans are easy and fast to get days or a day before your trip to anywhere in the world.
  • Electronic vouchers are emailed to you with vital phone numbers so you can report your accident, emergency etc.

Car Insurance

Allow for my team to get you a competitive quote with a summary of the different companies and their costs vs benefits.

  • Car insurance is a competitive market, depending on the year of your car we can get you a great deal.
  • Be sure to have know or have handy, the companies 24-7 phone numbers in case of an accident or flat tire, etc.
  • Each year before renewal we can get a better rate that the previous if it’s the same car due to the decrease in value.

Owners & Renters Insurance

You can insure your house and also it’s belongings or just one or the other.

  • When considering home owners or/and renters insurance, it’s very important you take into account the current value of your house or apartment as well as the contents, because in the event that you need to replace either one or both the policy will acknowledge the amount you insured it for not what it cost you when you first bought it.
  • There are extra benefits within these policies like “liability insurance” for a third party for example who may have an accident on your property.

What my clients say

“Madeleine has been my insurance agent for several years and during these years she has been extremely helpful. She has helped and assured that all my medical needs are met. She has helped me with appointments, choosing the right doctors, making sure I receive the correct compensations, all other medical needs. She is always available and quick to help and with my medical questions.”

– Gilberto B.

“Call Mady! I literally was just sick for 2 weeks, one call to Mady and she had 2 doctors make a house call within an hour, then she had the lab send someone to do a Covid test, then she had my prescriptions fixed when the doctor forgot to sign them. I am telling you it’s the best customer service I’ve had in my life!”

– Laura B.

“Over the last 6 years, Mady has helped us with most every aspect of health insurance, from signing up and reimbursement procedures, to surgery authorizations and hospitalization – even helping me get emergency Power of Attorney to access our CD when mistakenly overcharged by a hospital upon my husband’s release. Mady has been there for whatever she’ve needed.”

– Roz and Ken

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