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Find answeres to the most comment insurance questions.

Reimbursement Documentation Outpatient / Verification
  1. Check the date on your factura(s) and make sure they do not surpass the time limit allowed to submit your claim CONFIAMED 90 DAYS ** HUMANA 60 DAYS. If you have Humana they require electronic facturas which go to your email. Make sure your factura(s) or receipts have the name of the titular or beneficiary and cédula/ passport number.
  2. Have your Dr fill out (signs & stamps) a company (Humana / Confiamed) reimbursement form. Write your name and cédula/passport number at the top (2nd box if Confiamed).
  3. Prescription for medication claim and/or exams (must have Dr’s signature & stamp).
  4. Results from exam(s) written copies are acceptable.
Reimbursement For Hospitalization / Emergency


  1. Request your “Historia Clínica” or medical record from the hospital….note**This may take 5-7 business so don’t procrastinate. You can have a third party pick up and request like my team and I as long as you authorize it in writing.
  2. Company Reimbursement Form with necessary information filled out by the Dr who released you.
  3. Factura including Dr’s honorary fee(s). This they give you at the “caja” but you don’t have to ask for it separately.


  1. Request a “008 report” from the ER desk, normally anyone can get it and they give it to you on the spot.
  2. Factura with Dr’s honorary fee(s)
  3. Orders and results of any exams done in the ER room.
  4. **HUMANA clients ** have a company reimbursement form filled out by any Dr on duty.
Planned Or Elective Surgery


  1.  Company “pre-authorization” or “hospital credit” form filled out by Dr.
  2. Results of exams showing your current illness / condition.
  3. Certificate of diagnosis supplied by your Dr (should include when symptoms started and what treatment is needed).